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Kybella / Double Chin / Fat-Dissolving Injections

Kybella  fat-dissolving injections have arrived in Australia


Kybella, has arrived in Australia. Dr Axell is in the first small group of Australian doctors to be trained in this treatment and has currently performed the most treatment than any other doctor in Queensland (Allergan Statistics) It is a doctor-only treatment and is not for use by nurses at this time.

It has a different brand name in Australia, but we are not able to write this online. Kybella is an injection that dissolves fat and tightens tissue. The Australian product is approved for the removal of under chin fat.

It is an effective, permanent,  safe and gradual non-surgical injectable treatment to reshape the neck and jawline. Kybella can be used to  sculpt the neck and create a chiseled jawline, creating a youthful profile.  Doctors  can now contour and lift the neck the way that we have been contouring and lifting the cheeks!

Some patients hate their double chins, they are unhappy with their jawlines, it make them feel they look  fat, people think they’ve gained weight, and they hate how they look on profile when they catch a glimpse of their side view. They also hate photos and even avoid them.

Kybella  is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of sub mental fullness. The treatment is tailored to suit each patients’s anatomy and circumstances, and the satisfaction rate is very high, with 75% of Kybella patients reporting satisfaction with the appearance of their face and chin after treatment.

After Kybella treatments, patients report an improvement in self perceptions. Based on their improved chin profile, patients reported feeling happier and younger less embarassed, less bothered and less self conscious.

Kybella is very popular with those patients who want to look completely natural, as it doesn’t affect facial expression or features.


Dr Axell is able to treat a variety of  areas:

  • Double Chin /neck
  • Jowl fullness/ marionette lines
  • Buffalo hump/ “hunchback” fat pad at the nape of the neck
  • Small stubborn belly fat areas
  • Small stubborn “love handles”
  • Armpit folds

What causes a double chin?


Ageing can cause fat to accumulate in the neck creating a double chin


It can be part of a patient’s DNA

Weight Changes

A double chin can appear as a result of weight change. However, diet and exercise may not be enough to remove the fat from a double chin


Are people concerned about their chin profile?


In Australia 59% of women said that they are concerned about a double chin. This figure is more than the number of those who are bothered by their forehead lines!

41% of men are concerned about their chin profile.

Of those who are concerned about their chin profile, the majority are aged 31-60 years old.

How does Kybella work?


Kybella contains deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid also occurs naturally in the body and aids the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat.


Kybella breaks down fat cells when injected into the neck fat below the chin. The body then absorbs the fat.


When injected subcutaneously, DCA disrupts the membranes of adipocytes (fat cells) leading to irreversible cell breakdown (adipocytolysis). The adipocytolysis elicits a mild, local physiological inflammatory tissue response, which is largely resolved within about 28 days. Fibroblast cells appear and begin to produce new collagen, and there is thickening of fibrous septa within the subcutaneous tissue.


How many treatments are required?


Patients will typically require 2-6, a minimum of 4 weeks between treatments. Kybella treatment is NOT generally a one-off. While some patients see a difference after just one treatment, the majority of patients will see an improvement after 2-4 treatments


Is it permanent?

Yes, according to the long term study data, which is up to 5 years. The product has been over 9 years in clinical study. There have been more than 20 clinical studies conducted worldwide.


What are the side effects?


Pain, bruising swelling, redness and numbness are common, some patients experience bleeding, induration (areas of firmness) and itching and paraesthesia. Rare side effects include nodules and transient neuropraxia of a facial nerve which causes smile asymmetry. In long term follow up no adverse effects on skin laxity were noted.


How is the treatment performed?


The patient will have a consultation where their face and neck will be evaluated and a history taken to make sure that they are suitable for the treatment. The patient will be cleaned and the grid will then be applied, which will allow the doctor to find the correct dosage for the individual, and then the patients will know the number of vials and therefore cost of the procedure. The patients will then be injected. They will hold ice afterwards for 10 minutes.  Panadol is suitable for pain relief, Anti inflammatories and steroids should be avoided, as the inflammatory response may be an important part of treatment success.

The average dose is 4-6mls (ie 2-3 vials) per treatment. The average number of treatments is 2-4 treatments

The patient is typically in the clinic for 30 minutes, with the injections taking 5 minutes.



What to do after treatment?


Do not massage for 72 hours. Panadol may be taken if there is pain. Patients must be aware that results may not be visible for up to 6 weeks, and may not be visible until after the second or third treatment. Also skin continues to tighten after treatment even after swelling subsides.

An appointment should be made for 6-8 weeks after the treatment for review and follow up treatment.


What are the other options for neck fat?


Neck liposuction is the main competitor for Kybella. Neck liposuction is less appealing to patients because it is more invasive, more downtime is required, and and small holes are created with a scalpel in the procedure.  Also, a liposuction compression garment is required afterwards, which makes it a procedure with significant downtime.

Kybella is non-surgical, no time off work is required, the downtime is minimal, and there is a gradual change in appearance.


Images below are provided by Allergan. Since this is very new, our patients don’t have before and afters… YET!

Before and after Kybella

Before and after Kybella



Before and after Kybella

Before and after Kybella



Before and after Kybella

Before and after Kybella



Before and after Kybella

Before and after Kybella



Before and after Kybella

Before and after Kybella



Before and after Kybella

Before and after Kybella



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