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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Treatments For Frown, Worry Lines, Crow’s Feet & More

Lines & Wrinkles around the face develop over time and cause us to look older than we feel. The treatment we all know as Anti-Wrinkle Injections have been formally approved for cosmetic use to reduce these lines and exaggerated facial expression. Anti-Wrinkle Injections are used in over 1 million people in Australia  every year for wrinkle treatment and has been around for more than 20 years primarily used for medical conditions previously. It is safe, effective and quick with a few injections under the skin. CosmeDoctors are dedicated cosmetic doctors that are highly trained in Anti-Wrinkle Injection techniques using very fine needles that cause virtually no pain. Please visit the ‘locations’ us page to find our skin clinic nearest you.

Anti-Wrinkle Injection treatments are certainly not just for women. Women may talk about their looks more often, but men are concerned about there appearance as well. Why shouldn’t they be? A man who goes to the gym, and cares about his clothes and personal grooming, is a man that understands that his appearance says as much about him professionally, as personally. During your consultation, our CosmeDoctors will be able to advise you on which wrinkle treatment is required to keep you looking young.


Lines With Anti-Wrinkle Injection Treatment

The eyes are known as the window to the soul, but they can also be a dead giveaway to the age of the person behind them. Problems with the eye area may even make you appear older than you truly are, or at the very least, tired or unhappy, even when you aren’t. Whether a drooping brow, excess skin on the eyelid, lines (“crowsfeet”) around the eyes, or “bags” or dark circles under the eyes, our CosmeDoctors have a procedure that will help eliminate your problem.


Eyebrow Lift

This is a highly sought after treatment – Anti-Wrinkle Injections can give a re-vitalised appearance to any face. It is important that this procedure must be performed by an experienced practitioner as the margin for error is small. CosmeDoctors first assess the natural shape of the eyebrows and look for any pre-existing asymmetry that may require correction. Then our CosmeDoctors will discuss with you your preferences for an eyebrow slope and treatment will be planned accordingly.

Different shape require different injection placement. During your consultation your cosmetic doctor will help you decide the best treatment for you as not all candidates are suitable. For example, candidtates with loose skin under the upper eyebrow are not suitable and should not expect the loose skin to be lifted with this procedure.

The way to understand how Anti-Wrinkle Injections lifts the brow is to recognise that there is a constant tug of war going on in any area of the face at all times. There are muscles that lift a portion of the face (the frontalis muscle of the forehead) and opposing muscles that pull it down (the glabella). If we inject muscle relaxant into the muscle that pulls the forehead and brows down, e.g., the muscle that lifts the brow effectively “wins” and this may result in that portion being lifted. In this example the eyebrows are elevated creating a “non-surgical brow lift”. It must be noted that the effects are not as dramatic as surgery or as long lasting.


Neck Cords

Neck cords can easily be reduced by treating a thin muscle under the skin with small Injections. Once relaxed the muscle does not contract to form the prominent folds that run the vertical length of the neck. Not all folds/cords due to muscle contraction and it is important to carefully select the right client for best treatment possible.


Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are wrinkles that appear on both sides of the nose when you smile. These occur naturally in many cases and could easily be treated by a small injection treatment. In some cases, due to previous injections to the glabella, the space between the eyebrows and the lower forehead region could cause bunny lines to occur. This is a response to the paralysis of the muscles of glabella. The involved muscles become hyperactive to compensate for the paralysis of the muscles between the eyebrows.


Droopy Eyebrows

With advancing age, the muscles in the face lose their ability to retain the shape of the facial features. This causes many changes that are recognised as the common indicators of advance age. Droopy eyebrows are caused by sagging muscles in the lower forehead region. This makes the eyes looked hooded and tired. To get rid of the drooping eyebrows, Anti-Wrinkle Injections work wonders. At CosmeDoctors, our highly skilled doctors assess your problem and then advise you on the best course of treatment. Usually, this treatment involves a series of injections just above the eyebrows. The result is a reduction in the sagging, because of the tightening of the muscles that elevate the eyebrows. Our CosmeDoctors can advise on if this is an appropriate treatment for you during a consultation.


Treatment for upper lip wrinkles

Exposure to sun, smoking and in most cases, just advancing age, causes wrinkles to appear on the upper lip. These wrinkles are known as perioral wrinkles. Over time, these wrinkles deepen to form permanent creases and folds that get worse with age.

At CosmeDoctors, we treat these lines with a simple regime of small injections. A very small dose is injected in all four quadrants of the lips. The results take almost seven days to take full effect. The final result shows a near smooth upper lip with a reduction of these so called smokers’ lines.


Injection Treatments for non-surgical face lift (Nefertiti Facelift)

A facelift is a procedure that removes wrinkles and generally boosts the appearance of the skin. Face lifts used to mean a major operation, which would be followed by three to six weeks of convalescence for the patient. With the arrival of Anti-Wrinkle Injections, the possibilities of minimally invasive processes become apparent to all.

At CosmeDoctors, our doctors carefully map out a course of treatment that is designed to improve the contour of your face through controlled application of small injections to various points on the face.

There are two types of muscles in our face. The levators muscles raise or pull the features while depressors relax or lower the features. The idea behind the injections for face lift treatment is to inject the depressors  so that only the levator muscles remain active. This result in a “pulling up” of facial features and a smoother wrinkle free face.

Nefertiti Facelift is named after Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt. Renowned for her beauty, her narrow cheeks and long graceful neck have been considered as a standard of beauty.

Nefertiti facelift intends to give you a similar look by focusing on your cheeks and neck area. The treatment includes tightening of jaw muscles and the band of muscles in the neck. This sharpens the jawline and stretches the skin of the neck region.

At CosmeDoctors clinics, our highly trained doctors starts Nefertiti Facelift by a thorough examination and consultation of the jowl and neck area. This allows them to make a plan that includes the number and position of the injections.

The injections tighten the muscles of the jawline and the narrow layer of muscles in the neck region. This removes the downward movement of the skin and results in a younger looking you. To see if you are a good candidate for this procedure book a consultation with one of our CosmeDoctors.


Anti-Wrinkle Injections for depressed oral commissures

Oral commissures are the area where upper lip meets the lower lips. These form the corners of the mouth and are critical in creating the overall expression of the face.

Over time, this area becomes filled with folds, creases and wrinkles that contribute to the sagging mouth and chin area. Small injections for depressed oral commissures is highly recommended to alleviate the condition and give the patient a more youthful and fuller appearance.

The highly skilled CosmeDoctors are well versed in this treatment. We aim to treat the condition without overdoing the dosage so that you end up with a natural, younger looking mouth. Injections are given at the corners of the mouth or in some cases, near the chin.


Treatment for chin dimples and puckering

The chin is an important feature of the face and any imperfection in the area could seriously mar the overall appearance of the face. Usually there are two types of problems in the chin area. Either there is a small depression in the chin area or the chin has a pronounced bulge. Both these conditions are caused by contraction of the chin muscles. Treatment with a few small injections can soften and round the tip of the chin, and reduce or eliminate chin dimpling or puckering. Our CosmeDoctors ensure that you get the best possible care when you opt for injection treatments for chin softening with very little risk.



Treatment for forehead & face sweating


Facial sweating is a serious issue that prevents a person from socialising and interacting with others. While the condition is not life threatening in any way, it does cause considerable discomfort to the patient.


Nobody likes a sweaty forehead. Not the people who have to look at it and least of all, the person who has to endure the condition. This is why our CosmeDoctors have an excellent plan of treatment for the condition.

This plan is based on small injections for forehead sweating. It is a recognized fact that most of the sweat on the forehead actually comes from the scalp.

The treatment program at CosmeDoctors involves a series of injections to the scalp area.

These injections interact with the nerves that stimulate sweating. After a week, the nerves stop sending signals to the brain and the sweating problem is greatly reduced.


Treatment to decrease oily T zone

T zone is the T shaped area that includes forehead, nose and cheeks. This is the area where skin pores produce a lot of oil and thus the area appears shiny.

Overtime, this oil clogs the pores and forms a layer on the T zone. Blackheads and acne starts to develop and the condition quickly gets out of hand.

Our small injections are considered to be one of the effective treatments for this condition. While the injections treatment for wrinkles and oily T zone might look similar to a layperson, our CosmeDoctors know better.

The basic difference between the two procedures is the depth at which the injections are injected. In the case of wrinkles, it is injected below the skin and into the target muscles. In contrast, in the case of oily T zone, it is injected into the dermis where it affects the tiny muscles around the pores. These muscles close the pores and the result is smoother skin with a noticeable decrease in skin oil.